Monday, 29 June 2009

Old School Glamour.

I was watching an old movie with my dad, and it got me thinking. Women just aren’t classy in the same way they used be. Now, I know I am a bad example, a girl who has spent most of her life adoring sports, of course I’m not very glam. But even the celebrities and movie stars are not the way they used to be. Back in the day they looked effortlessly beautiful, and always so womanly. Everything was thought of, and there was never a strand of hair out of place. To me the definition of glamour is simple, only two words: Grace Kelly, the late princess of Monaco.

The lack of poise is probably due to the constant attention that they experience, making it impossible to portray the kind of glamour the stars used to exhibit. It may not be physically possible, because in the end of the day they are just like the rest of us. Just a bit more well off and maybe better looking. Maybe it’s a good thing, because I think girls everywhere would struggle to look like the stars of yesterday. However, just because their time has passed and time has changed, we can still appreciate their beauty and elegance.

Elisabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe
Grace Kelly

The closest thing today, in my opinion, is Kate Winslet.


Sandra said...

I'm a huge Marilyn fan!

Tnx for stopping by :)

*vacation spree...via Mediterian sea(girl from Croatia)

Anonymous said...

UURRGHH! I agree siv, I also think Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway are very like old hollywood.. :)