Tuesday, 13 January 2009

One down, two to go!

My day today
9.30-11.30 : Physiology of Sport Performance Exam (I have repressed the memory already)
11.30-12.00: Library searching for books on psychology
12.00-12.30: Top Shop retail therapy
13.00-14.00: Lunch with Ine at TGI, spent complaining about exams
Now until forever (when i go to sleep) studying for psychology.


Anonymous said...

Cute dog!

emma said...

cute sweater!

Christina said...

elsket hundegenseren. og herlige kjøp, top shop er ikke et dumt sted!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOVE THE necklace!! hehhehehe I DROPPED you a line.. hehehhe.. ;)

-nasi (namimi)

Krii said...

likte veeldig godt det smykke og øredobbene!;) veldig fine kjøp

Anonymous said...

...just need sum diamonds on my damn chain! u best b careful 'roomie' or ima steal it:-P

Anonymous said...

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