Monday, 5 January 2009


I am really confused right now. It is officially one week until my first exam and I don't even know what exam it is..I am stuggling. You know that feeling when you have too much in your head and it feels like you have nothing in your head? Its all a big moosh. That is how I feel right now. And I haven't even started to revise for sports psychology. Oh dear, how will this end? I hate university..I wish I had some skill or talent that does not require studying!!

Well this quote seems to cheer me up lately. Its Ludacris from the TI song On top of the world "celebrating coming from nothing to winning grammys and rappers winning oscars, and they say rappers shouldnt act nahh suckers, we see samuel jackson like whats up mother fuckerrr" Such beautiful words!


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emma said...

hope you feel better!

Christina said...

luda er fet ;)

og for å svare deg, mener du den teen jeg har med den rosa tightsen? isåfall er den fra nike. eller mente du der med sløyfa i håret? isåfall er det en kjole fra modström. :-)