Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bye bye Norway.

The lovely city of Bath Tomorrow morning I am heading back to England. Next stop for Siv: Bath! Fortunatly I will be back in Norway already in Feb!! Weyhey!


Anonymous said...

....4 days til 1st d-day! Argh!!!!!! Cu in the tub sunday!x

Anonymous said...

yeah, i live in NYC. hahha i just got a new (sweet) apartment from brooklyn! whoho! hehhe. were you as a exchange student in conneticut or just for fun? hehhe. ive never been there but isnt it close to NY?

Oh, and not that it matters.. haha but in finland i have never seen guys wear suits for NYE!!!! hahha but it would be nice.. i think.. hahahha (sorry i dont know what im saying anymore)

ooooohhh and im sorry if youre feeling like im bit nosy but are you gonna go see the arctic challenge in february? GOD, i wish i could go there this year hehe.