Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Celebrity Look-A-Like

Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? It’s a very peculiar thing isn’t it? To be told who you look similar to. In a way it’s the ultimate way of seeing how other people view you, in a totally superficial way of course. However, someone can look like a person but not at the same time. Like twins, who look the same, but one is more ecstatically beautiful and the other is not. For one I look like my dad, even I can see that, but I most certainly do not look like a 60 year old man (Right?!). There was this one time, in Magaluf (yees, tacky I know. I was young, don’t hold it against me), some random British lad told me I looked like a cross between Victoria Beckham and Jordan (???????). What is that? Was he hoping to get lucky with that line. Well lets just say, I would never.




However, my sister-in-law once told me that I kind of reminded her of Chloe Sevigny. This was the first, yet not the last time someone made this comment about me. I can see where they are coming from, we do have some similarities. I don’t know if we really look alike, but I do know I wouldn’t mind my wardrobe to looking like hers! She is one freakin cool chick!

I am an Animal!

I love me some animals, although I tend to be more scared than loving when I first meet one. Its never quite love at first sight between me and our furry friends. It takes me a while to get comfortable, but when that time comes I am all good..I guess you could call me timid, and even a bit shy. I have to feel my way, so see if I actually like this animal. Do we have anything in common? How is the cuddling? How far can it really go? Is it a caged animal, because I stear away from those. Wild, too dependent, too agressive, not agressive enough? There are lots of questions to be answered, but in the end nothing beats a nice pet! Or am I still talking about animals???

My favorite animal is the goat. Trustworthy, cute and quiet yet strong and independent! I want one..like now.
But remember, we must be kind to our friends!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Old School Glamour.

I was watching an old movie with my dad, and it got me thinking. Women just aren’t classy in the same way they used be. Now, I know I am a bad example, a girl who has spent most of her life adoring sports, of course I’m not very glam. But even the celebrities and movie stars are not the way they used to be. Back in the day they looked effortlessly beautiful, and always so womanly. Everything was thought of, and there was never a strand of hair out of place. To me the definition of glamour is simple, only two words: Grace Kelly, the late princess of Monaco.

The lack of poise is probably due to the constant attention that they experience, making it impossible to portray the kind of glamour the stars used to exhibit. It may not be physically possible, because in the end of the day they are just like the rest of us. Just a bit more well off and maybe better looking. Maybe it’s a good thing, because I think girls everywhere would struggle to look like the stars of yesterday. However, just because their time has passed and time has changed, we can still appreciate their beauty and elegance.

Elisabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe
Grace Kelly

The closest thing today, in my opinion, is Kate Winslet.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


So after a looong break I am ready to give the blogging another chance!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Popping the champagne..

To quote Miss Carrie Bradshaw: "Isen't delayed gratification the definition of maturity?". I have been waiting a long time, and its finally time for some gratification. Yesterday some girls from uni came over and we popped the champagne. Now I go to London..First stop: East London!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Waiting for tonight..

Today, at three I will be free! Wow the lyrics are flowing hahaha. I have my last exam today, sports medicine. Then I am heading to a pub on campus to celebrate with some people on my course. Later my friend Matt, whom I have not seen in ageees, is coming down. We are going to Terry's for some take away.

Tomorrow I am heading to London (to see the girl in the pic: Stephanie). Yay!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D

Me and my housemate Ruth went to see the scariest 3D movie ever! It was soo good. What was even better was the funky fresh glasses we got. We had to do a photoshoot on the way back...HOT DAMN

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Forever21 Love..

I really like these outfits, especially the first one. However I am going to London next week, after my exam so I will see if i can get some nice stuff there before ordering online. All the items are on www.forever21.com

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Black and Whiteness

Study outfit

Does this make me look smart?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

One down, two to go!

My day today
9.30-11.30 : Physiology of Sport Performance Exam (I have repressed the memory already)
11.30-12.00: Library searching for books on psychology
12.00-12.30: Top Shop retail therapy
13.00-14.00: Lunch with Ine at TGI, spent complaining about exams
Now until forever (when i go to sleep) studying for psychology.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sex and the city therapy

I need some serious relaxing down time spending the whole day reading about blood pressure, muscle fibres and creating a mastery climate in a sport setting. I love this movie, I mean the outfits alone is art! It makes me miss my gals in Norway already. I have good friends all over the place, but my gang in Norway is similar to the SAC girls. We can talk about everything, and boy do we. You never know what topics will come up over a couple of glasses of wine. Many of my friends aspire to be like these girls, especially Carrie and Samantha. Personally I don't get it. I think Carrie is too weak and I don't believe any girl can be like Samantha. Yet I do love the series and the movie, its like watching the life you know you will never have. Do you want to be like them?

I have a new project going on. My girl Steph asked me to be her personal trainer (I am not a qualified trainer..yet). So I am going to start making a great program for her! My ribs have finally healed and as soon as she gets back to Bath we can start working. When I asked what she wanted, she was quick and consise: Britney "I am a slave for you" abs. Bring on the pilates!!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bye bye Norway.

The lovely city of Bath Tomorrow morning I am heading back to England. Next stop for Siv: Bath! Fortunatly I will be back in Norway already in Feb!! Weyhey!

Waffle House.

Some of my friends invited me down to theirs for some delish waffles. The first one didn't come out that great, but it tasted like a waffle. It got me thinking though, of my days as a high school student. Back when I was a junior living in Gainesville Florida (GO GATORS!) we always used to go to Waffle house. Whenever we had been out to a party, or just a sleepover, we would often stop by for some niiice breakfast. Thank god for the places that are open 24hours a day. I have some great memories of us, still half drunk or very hungover, sitting in a booth next to Hot truckers (aren't they always soo goodlooking..haha). Those were the days, when I was a naive 16 year old girl..now I am 21 year old naive girl still getting excited by the thought of Waffles. Come to think of it, it was never about the waffles and its still not.