Monday, 1 December 2008


Okay, I know its been ages since last time I blogged. Not good. I have been really busy, with uni work and social stuff. And my camera is broken, so there arent that many pics! But I will be better now.
So only two more weeks and I am going home! Well I am going to Norway. I will be going to Hamar, to friend Ine. There we are chillin, doing some boarding! Should be amazing. I love that part of the country. Stopping by Lillehammer, for a meal with my sweet Lise. Then I am heading to Oslo for some quality time with my brother. And then, finally, it is home to Bergen to see my mummy and daddy! Yay!
So I was in London this weekend. Oh my god was it crazy. Saturday was spent shopping. This is some of the stuff I got:
A new The north face parka..It is HUGE!
Skinny jeans in blue and red
New seablue shoes
A yellow statement bag
Shiny Tights! Sooo hot i cannot believe it..
Some christmas gifts
+++ lots of stuff I cannot remember now ahha
The saturday night was Estelle concert! She was great, so cool. And after the concert we headed to a bar, and then to Matter in the O2 arena. We jumped the que seen as my friends knew the owner. It was huge! If you are ever in London, head to Matter. Amazing! Had the best time, and spent only 3 pounds the whole night...So many funny stories like the Russian who told me he could buy me anything I wanted in the world, the guy with the pink wig (does it look good on me?) and the skaters whom I had a long discussion: who is cooler, Kevin Pearce or Shaun White...We didn't agree, but he was sweet.

The pics are from saturday and my scandinavian society social in Bristol last week!


ichabell said...

hey siv!
noe for deg?
løv Isabell<3

Anonymous said...

Cool runnins blud! sooo bummed that i missed an AMAZING wknd....instead stuck at work...gotta earn the'BIG' dollar!

nasiminea said...

hahha, I like your blog. It's fun to read!

oh, and isn't KP much cooler than shaun white?


Anonymous said...

KP all the way!

Sivy said...

Yes, I think Kevin is way cooler than Shaun White..