Monday, 22 December 2008


Here are some pics of my outfit on sat, sorry about the shit quality!

I find that as I get older, it takes longer to recover from a night out. Saturday was great. The food was amazing, the girls were beautiful and the convo was funny! There were even some tears of joy. At about 1.30 we decided to leave and go out, we got a taxi and went to Silver. There we only had time for a quick pee, one drink and one dance. Then we headed to McDonalds for some late night greasy food. And then we walked home, I love living downtown! I just want to say thanks for a great night girlies! Bring on friday!



Katie said...

Love the dress!!

ichabell said...

yeah, jeg er hjemme! cafe og øl og sånt i romjulen, yes?
dødskul kjole!

mariastenersen said...

supersøtt antrekk :)

Anonymous said...

Hot dress!!!!