Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Play nice girls!!

I am sick, silly..That is what you get for staying out all night in London. I never learn. So I have spent the day in bed, complaining to my mummy on the phone. Do you not feel you miss your parents way more when you are sick?? I have been doing work and watching tv. Soooo boring....However when I was reading one of my favorite blogs, I started thinking (Link:http://www.christina-sin.blogspot.com/). This girl had gotten a comment on her "big" calves. And this girl is tiny and even if she wasn't who cares what size her legs are? How come some girls have to be rude to other girls? Some of the nicest compliments I have gotten in my life have been from girls. I love going to the toilets when I am out, because I have the best conversations with random girls about our outfits or whatever! I myself am a proud member of the big booty club, and towering 5foot9 the booty is pretty big..But I love it, and there is nothing you can say to make me be less proud! Many years of playing football has gone into that piece of ASS!!

Please realise you do not have to put anyone down to feel good about yourself. We need to stop comparing ourself to others, the only person you should be compared to is yourself. Be the best you can be girlies and remember; play nicely!!!
Music: I am crazy for the new Solange (B's little sister) song: Sandcastle disco! Check it out!


ichabell said...

Yeah, vi burde hooke up i julen, utrolig lenge siden jeg har sett deg! blir litt random cafebesøk med Gina, men det er ca det jeg får av blasts from the past(eller evt. 1. og 3. klasse).
I say drikking av kaffe og/eller alkohol. :D

P.S: Luv ur ass<3 ;)

Anonymous said...

'i got it from my mama!...lol

Christina said...

så gøy at jeg inspirerte innlegget ditt :D.. og jeg er så enig med deg. dessuten - hva er vel hottere enn veltrente former? jeg synes det er mye bedre med veltrente legger/lår/rumper med litt size, enn å være pipestilk og totalt flat. som oftest er det de "vi" misunner, men selv er ikke engang de alltids fornøyd med kroppen sin. kunne jeg valgt mellom å være juicy eller skinny - ville jeg valgt juicy. jeg joiner booty-klubben din lett!

Stephanie said...

Totally agree with you Siv, apart from the comment being so far from the truth, girls should play nice, stupid comments not needed!!! Big booty club RULES! Hehe
Check out Beyonce’s new album……I like