Friday, 12 December 2008


Its finally christmas vaycay!!!!

After 4 weeks of hell I am finally free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is how I am celebrating it:

Ruth (my beautiful and crazy housemate..also non-snakelike(private joke))

A bottle of wine

Some Absolute (Pear taste)

Santa Claus 3 (Disney movie for you grown ups..)

Celine Dion (Always..)

Some of that dirrty Christina

A bucket of Ben&Jerrys Phish Food flavour

Mariah Carey - All i want for christmas!

A house full of people drinking!

Why am I not going out? Because I have a flight early tomorrow..I am going home!!!! Yay, finally. I am going to Hamar, for some much needed fun!

Love!!! Merry Christmas!
Ps. Why are the pics small? Is it just me being a retard??


Anonymous said...

hmmm...HOT DAMN! U GIRLS R FYN HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Glad u finally get a chance to chillax and njoy the hols:-) happy jollies to you too:-)

Anonymous said...

Why would you wanna go out! haha
Wine, ice cream, mariah,! Throw a bit of Britney in there and you got a party!