Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Citizen of the World..

I have lived in Connecticut, Florida, Bergen and now Bath. I tend to fall in love with new places, and I am wondering where to go next? There are so many places I love, and I have added some pics of my favorite places. Vancouver next? Maybe Switzerland? I love London, but I am a not a London girl. I will always have ties to the city, but I am way too laid back for that lifestyle. I just need a a place where I can chill. Late at night I dream of waking up in Colorado..It is truly the perfect place. I can hike, bike, snowboard and ski. Can you ask for anything more?


Anonymous said...

I think you should come home to norway..

Linnka said...

Bergen! For et flott bilde! Nå er det kjempekaldt her. Det er is over alt, men ikke noe nedbør. Egentlig ganske flott, for det er snø på fjellet!