Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas dinner/Julebord!

Tonight I am going to a christmas dinner with the gals. It has become some what of a tradition, and I love it. We (in all 9) are all students, and living in different places and different countries. Its nice to really spend some time when everyone is home. However this year we are missing Anbjørg! We love you sweetcheeks!! This year Tonje (in the red thingy) is hosting the party. She is leaving us! She is going to Costa Rica for 8 months, the lucky girl. Lise is going to Australia for a semester, Anbjørg lives in Egypt and I will be going back to England. So I am really excited for good food, nice drinks and amazing company. These are really my girls, I have even known Mariette since before I could speak! Childhood friends become grown-up friends (as soon as grow up that is..) Guess which ass is mine!


Maria said...

God jul ja Siv! Var kjempehyggelig med besøk. Håper du tar turen innom neste år også :D
Håper julebordet i kveld var vellykket :)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna guess the one in pink..