Friday, 14 November 2008

Weekend = No Party

Well it's finally the weekend, yet for me that does not mean party party. That is one of the downsides of being a student at one of the best uni's in England. My weekend is going to consist of doing biomechanics, writing a chapter on how to be a good coach for sports psychology and preparing for a presentation on creatine supplementation in elderly men..Does that sound like fun?? However I am going to allow myself some fun stuff. Tonight I am going to my norwegian friends house for take away and a movie..sweet!
Since there is no party hardy I will add some photos of the days when i could party hardy..


Ashleigh said...

SWEET beauty and brains....biomechanics..pretty awesome...Im a bio girl (cell and systems bio)..AND....your pics are making me miss the fact that Ive felt like a hermit lately with exams..haha...I love are beautiful lady ;)
And thanks for checking out my blog

Linn Kristine said...

Fin blogg, Siv! Min blogg er sær, men likevell: