Monday, 17 November 2008

I miss my friends!

I have friends from all over the world, and today I just want to dedicate a "I miss you" blog to my friend Katie. She is partying it up in Australia while we are stuck in rainy England. I miss going out with you sweets!! Hope you are having a great time at home, and dont forget about us babe!
Today was totally uneventful, seen as I didnt make it to any of my lectures because my housemate is still not back..I have no chance, getting to Uni on my own..But last night I went to see the new movie "Zazh and Miri make a porno". It was way funny, but so graphic. Still a bit shocked hahaha

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BROWS! said...

I know what you mean sivy! I have a friend that i really miss.....a lot!